Pink Dash Organiser With 4 Pockets Front View

Australian Made Dash Organiser

Aussie Outback Supplies Heavy duty Dash Organiser is designed and manufactured in Australia. These AOS Dashboard Organisers are perfect for keeping your gear secure in your car, 4wd, camper or boat. The Australian Made Dash Bags are perfect if you do a lot of touring or four wheel driving. Not only are the AOS Canvas Organisers made for Australian conditions, they have a load of unique features.



Designed and made in AUSTRALIA.

Made from Grey or Pink 14oz heavy duty Waterproof Poly / Cotton so that it will survive our harsh Australian conditions

Features 4 internal pockets perfect for uhfs, phones, pens etc and 1 long section above for maps, iPad etc.

The large section of the Australian Dash Pocket has a soft lining so it won’t scratch your Sunglasses.

Comes with a Velcro backing for easy attachment to carpet dash mats or if you don’t have a carpet dash mat, it also comes with extra adhesive tabs you can stick to the dash.

Each Pink and Grey Organiser features 2 Steel “D” Rings which you can use to hang items from in the car or you can use them to hang the Dash Bag up at your campsite or garage to keep all your gear together.


Length: 365mm

Width: 200mm

Height: 80mm (center)

This Product is Designed & Manufactured in Perth Western Australia and comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranty.



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Car Dashboard Organiser Images

Dash Organiser With 4 Pockets Empty Front View

Dash Organiser With 4 Pockets In Use Front View

Dash Organiser With 4 Pockets Empty Top View

Pink Dash Organiser With 4 Pockets Front View

Pink Dash Organiser With 4 Pockets on Dash

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