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3 x Roll Up Canvas or PVC Tool Pouches

3 x Roll Up Canvas or PVC Tool Pouches

If you’re in the market for a Spanner Roll, the chances are that you already have dozens of tools you’d like to store. But sometimes, these organising units turn out to be so small that they can’t fit all your items. In such instances, you may be forced to resort to a bulky toolbox or tool bag. 

If you prefer something a little more compact but still spacious, this Spanner Roll Bundle is your best alternative. It includes three different organizers, each of a specific size. 

The smallest tool roll, which measures 58.5 cm by 20 cm, is equipped with 14 pockets. This is ideal for keeping inside your car, so you have easy access to all your essential tools.

The medium-sized tool roll measures 66 cm by 42 cm, and it has 16 pockets. Boasting the highest number of pockets, this is our most popular Spanner Roll size and is perfect for storing a Spanner Set.

The biggest tool roll, which is square-shaped, measures 66 cm by 66 cm, and it has 9 pockets. So it’s large enough to accommodate jumbo-sized spanners, wrenches and even your BBQ equipment. It fits up to a 2-inch spanner.

All three tool pouches are made from premium-quality ripstop canvas or ripstop PVC guaranteeing you utmost durability. They also have velcro straps to keep contents secure. 

  • Includes three differently-sized pouches for maximum storage space
  • Made of rip-stop canvas or rip-stop PVC for durability
  • Pouches are compact, which helps to save space, unlike toolboxes
  • Velcro straps to keep your items securely in place


  • Large 66 cm x 66 cm
  • Medium 66 cm x 42 cm
  • Small 58.5 cm x 20 cm


  • 680 gsm Rip-Stop PVC or 475 gsm Rip-Stop Canvas

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