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4wd Dash Organiser

4wd Dash Organiser

Australian Made 4wd Dash Organiser

As with most Australian Made products our Australian made 4wd dash organiser is built to last. One thing we do tend to do in Australia is to make things that last. Our 4X4 Dash Organiser is made from 14oz/475 gsm ripstop canvas. This makes one of the most durable dash organiser on the market today.

Canvas Dash Organiser With Velcro Strips

We have added 50mm wide Velcro around all four sides on the back. By adding these we are assured it will stay stuck on your dash. It also comes with four self-adhesive Velcro strips for those of you who don't have a dash mat. You can simply stick them straight onto your dash and then Velcro the Canvas Dash Organiser to them.

Dash Organiser with velcro backing

Dash Organiser and Dashboard Storage

With an overall size of 36cm x 20cm x 8cm in depth, it will fit all you need. the four smaller pockets a perfect to hold items like your mobile phone, hand help radio, and any other items you want to keep handy while driving. Our Dash Organiser/DashBoard Storage has a large map pocket has a super soft lining and is great for any of your devices with screens.

Dash Organiser with 4 Pockets

Best Value Dashboard Organiser

Our two D-rings are great for hanging your door or entrance gate remotes on. By keeping them here they are ready to use just when you need them. The D-rings can also be used to hang your dashboard organiser in many other locations while at camp, in the boat and even in the garage. With it being the most durable and having some of the best features, it is sure to be the best value organiser you will ever buy.

Dash Organiser with D-Rings


Check out the video below for the full Dash Organiser rundown

Aussie Outback Supplies Dashboard Organiser Instructional Video


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