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Camping Small Clear Top Drawer Storage Bag

Camping Small Clear Top Drawer Storage Bag

These Small Camping Drawer Storage Bags with a clear top makes packing for camping an easy task. We will load these smaller bags with a lot of our pantry food items. We can load directly from the kitchen at home, and when they are full, carry them straight out and place them into our drawers in our canopy. The same thing goes once we get to camp. We grab them out and keep them on a table for easy access for the kids. This saves the kids having to try and see up into the drawers on the canopy, which are just a little too high for them. 

The Advantages Of Small 4wd Drawer Bags

With a length of 435mm and a width of 200mm, they do fit a lot in them. The height of these is 170mm this comfortably fits tins of food. Another advantage of having smaller drawer bags is that it is contained in a smaller area if you do get a spillage. Easier to clean up and a lot less mess than if it was through the whole Rear Drawer. Each Clear Top Storage Bag comes with 3 full-length Velcro strips on the inside. This allows you to move the divider along to where it is needed. 

Australian Made Camping Small Clear Top Drawer Storage Bag

The Camping Clear Top Small Drawer Storage Bags we have are the best in the business as they are made from an Australian Made 14 oz canvas. This 14oz canvas is waterproof and ripstop, and this means they are super tough! They also have two heavy-duty carry handles with a rubber-like grip, so they are comfortable to carry even when fully loaded with all your camping essentials. We have large #10 zips on these, which slide easy and will last for the life of the bag. Our Small Drawer Storage Bags are Made in Australia and come with a full 12 months manufactures warranty. 

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