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Camping | Heavy Duty PVC Swag Bags

Camping | Heavy Duty PVC Swag Bags

Check Out The Size Of Our Queen Sized Heavy Duty PVC Swag Bag

Queen Sized Heavy Duty PVC Swag Bag

What is a Swag Bag? Swag Bag Protection

A Swag Bag or Swag Protection System is a bag that protects your Swag. It keeps your Swag Dry; it stops your Swag from getting dusty, and it protects your bag while travelling and while in storage. A good night's sleep is one of the best things whilst camping. Aussie Outback Supplies Swag Bags are high quality, and a good quality Swag Bag will keep your swag dry, dust-free which allows you to have a good night sleep while camping.

Your swag can spend a lot of its life travelling out in the elements whilst on your vehicle. Up high on your roof and exposed to the harsh sun is not good for it.  Driving down highways gives your swag a wind battering that will test the best of them.

Our Australian outback tracks are known for their dust. Keeping an extra layer of protection around your swag will help prevent the ingress of even the finest of dust.


A Well Designed Swag Bags Australia 

The cylindrical shape of our Swag Bags makes it one of the easiest to fit your swag into. 

Made from 640 GSM Laminated PVC With 50mm wide heavy-duty straps that go around the entire Swag Bag. This design alone will make sure it takes the abuse of being passed up and down to your roof racks. We have added an extra layer of weatherstrip over the zips to help keep your swag clean and dry.

Other Uses For Your Swag Bag

When I first started using a swag bag, I realised how easy it was to apply its use to my other gear.

When travelling in Australia, you can quite easily experience hot days and freezing nights all in one trip. You do end up taking extra sleeping bags and jackets and an array of other winter clothing to be comfortable.
I have 3 Swag Bags and often take them on my trips. My 2 others are to keep extra bedding and winter gear dust-free and dry. This gives me the option of carrying the lighter, more bulky items up the top of my vehicle, by far the safest way to load your vehicle with all your camping gear.

Heavy Duty PVC Swag Bags Sizes.

  • King Single Swag Bag Size: Length 900 mm + Length 100 mm End Pocket x Diameter 500 mm.
  • Double Swag Bag Size: Length 1200 mm + Length 100 mm End Pocket x Diameter 500 mm.
  • Queen Swag Bag Size: Length 1500 mm x Diameter 480 mm NO End Pocket.

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