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Complete Rundown on our Tool Roll Range

Complete Rundown on our Tool Roll Range

Here's a complete rundown of our range of Tool Rolls.

As we offer both canvas and PVC Tool Rolls, we thought we would go over how to choose between the PVC and the canvas fabric they are made from. Which one is better suited to your needs, as we offer both canvas and PVC tool rolls. We also go over a range of different uses for each size. You don't just have to use them for tools!

Canvas VS PVC Tool Rolls

Canvas Tool Roll:

The Canvas Tool Rolls are made from 475 gsm Rip Stop Canvas. The Canvas material is breathable, which means that it won't hold the moisture in like the PVC. Holding moisture can cause corrosion on your tools if left for long periods of time. Canvas Tool Rolls are what you want to go for if you don't intend to use them regularly. It's ideal to have a repair kit with all your handy tools that you can store in your car or caravan for when you need it. 

PVC Tool Roll:

The PVC Tool Rolls are made from 680 gsm Rip Stop PVC. This style of Tool Roll is ideal if you will be using the Tool Roll regularly, like in a workshop. The smooth surface allows you to wipe off any grease or dirt it's accumulated after a hard day of work.

Various Uses for Tool Rolls and Spanner Rolls


  • 585 mm x 200 mm with 14 pockets
  • Fits stubby spanners
  • Perfect for a set of your 'must have' tools to keep as a repair kit in the car


  • 660 mm x 420 mm with 16 pockets
  • Ideal for 16pc Spanner Set (Fits ratchet spanners)
  • Different colour Spanner Rolls can be used to differentiate between imperial and metric.

Alternate use: Keeping paintbrushes for artists


  • 660 mm x 660 mm with 9 pockets
  • Fits Jumbo Spanners (up to 2 inch spanner)

Alternate use: Keeping your BBQ utensils

Check out our Complete Tool Roll Rundown below

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