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Heavy Duty Canvas and PVC Tool Roll Review

Heavy Duty Canvas and PVC Tool Roll Review

Space Saving Tool Roll Storage

Do you ever get sick of searching around in your Tool Box for the tool that you need? Well, a Tool Roll might be your answer. They will keep your tools organised without taking up too much space. Available in a variety of sizes, materials and colours.

Small tool roll rolled up with tools

Small Canvas Tool Roll for Small Tools

Our Small Canvas Tool Roll is made from 14oz ripstop canvas. It has 14 pockets, and the smallest pocket is 25mm wide, and the largest is 60mm wide. With internal pockets ranging in size, it makes it perfect for all sort of tools. The small version is ideal for Stubby Spanners or as a universal Tool Roll.

The Small Canvas Tool Wrap is my go-to Tool Bag for all roadside repairs, more often than not, it is on other people vehicles. I have used this smaller tool bag as my repair kit, tool roll bag for many years, and it is still going strong. Aussie Outback Supplies specifically manufacture their Aussie Made Tool Storage items to suit our harsh Australian environment.

Green Canvas Tool Roll - Small



Small PVC Tool Wrap

Small PVC Tool Wrap

The Small PVC Tool Wrap will last you a lifetime, being made from 680gsm ripstop PVC. You won't get much tougher than that! The overall size is 585mm long by 200mm high, and it has two brass eyelets at the top, which make it super easy to hang up when needed. With a good light to the 50mm wide velcro. You can pack it with a fair amount of tools, and be assured they will stay packed in tight.

Heavy Duty PVC Tool Roll - Small - BlackSmall Heavy Duty PVC Tool Roll- Orange




Medium Tool Roll With Pouches - Best way to store Spanners

The AOS Medium Tool Roll is our most popular sized Tool Roll. It's also referred to as a Spanner Roll as it's the perfect size to hold a 16pc Spanner Set.  All Aussie Outback Supplies products are made extra tough so they can stand up to any trade or industry. When you're putting Spanners or Wrenches in and out of them every day, you need to make sure they are of high quality. Aussie Outback Supplies Tool Rolls are tradie tested and designed to be used every day. Spanner Rolls are also popular with camping and 4wd enthusiasts to keep in their car or caravan as they take up far less room than in a Tool Bag or Tool Box.

The Medium Tool Roll Pouch is great for your larger Wrench Spanners and comes in your choice of Heavy Duty PVC (black or orange) or Heavy Duty Canvas (Green). We recommend people get the Tool Rolls in various colours so they can tell the difference between them. For example, you could have your Metric Spanners in one and Imperial Spanners in the other so you exactly what set you're grabbing.


Universal Tool Roll
Three Medium Spanner Rolls




Large Heavy Duty Spanner Rolls

The Large Tool Wrap features 9 pockets for larger tools. It's 660mm wide and 660mm high and features 2 x 50mm velcro. It fits up to your two-inch Spanner.  This larger sizes roll is also ideal for keeping your BBQ utensils in. You can unroll your Utensil Roll and hang it up near your BBQ so that all the utensils are easy to grab and can be rolled up and stored easily.









What are Tool Rolls used for?

I currently the Medium Canvas version, which perfectly holds my Ratchet Spanner Set. When you roll it out, it offers a great display of all your Spanners and allows you to pull them in and out easily but holds them securely enough that they don't slide out easily. The fact you just roll it up means it takes up a lot less room than Tool Bags or Tool Boxes.

In another Medium PVC Roll, I keep in it are a pair of pliers, standard-sized phillips screwdriver, standard-sized flat balled screwdriver, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm 14mm open/ring spanners, test light, retractable knife, small shifter and a mid-sized shifter, small LED torch and a few other tools.

Tool Rolls aren't just limited to Tools. You can use them for kitchen utensils, kids paint brushes, knives etc. Let your imagination go wild.

Roll For BBQ Cooking Utensils

PVC Vs Canvas


  • Heavy Duty, 14oz/475 gsm Rip Stop Canvas
  • Canvas is more breathable, so it's ok with a bit of moisture
  • More durable


  • Heavy Duty 680 gsm Rip Stop PVC
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn't breath and moisture cannot escape

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