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Heavy Duty Car Seat Organiser

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Before you hit the road and embark on that long trip you’ve been planning for months, there are a few things you should invest in. One really great investment item for travelling that has a multitude of uses is a Car Organiser as it can keep all the items you carry neatly stored. A Heavy Duty 4x4 Seat Organiser will keep all your bits and pieces tidy and arms reach. Your kids will love them too and will keep them entertained for hours with handy pockets for all sorts of items.

The Best Car Seat Organiser

The AOS Car Seat Storage features twelve pockets, all of different sizes, to hold an array of items. Some are big enough to hold a water bottle. Others are a bit smaller to keep pencils, UHFs, phones etc. If you're only counting nine, that's because there are two larger pockets behind the two lower rows that are perfect for maps, Ipads and magazines. The best Car Seat Organiser is the ideal companion for travellers, campers and 4wders.  

Car Seat Organiser that keeps its shape

Also worth pointing out is that this Car Seat Organiser is made of sturdy materials. Specifically, it’s made of a poly/cotton canvas, which means it's nice and tough to withstand lots of use.

The car seat organiser also has two stiffener rods down each side and one across the top, which enables it to retain its shape. And, it has quick-release buckles for a hassle-free attachment to the top and base of your car seat. 

  • Designed and made in AUSTRALIA

  • Includes 12 pockets for maximum storage space

  • Quick-release buckles make installation to a car seat a snap

  • Stiffener rod helps the organiser retain its shape

  • Poly/cotton canvas increases its longevity


  • 320 mm W * 550 mm H


  • 14oz/475 gsm waterproof Poly/Cotton Canvas

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