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Heavy Duty Rifle Carry Bag

Heavy Duty Rifle Carry Bag

Do you enjoy hunting with your mates? Well, there are a few things you’ll need to carry to make your trip a success. 

Heavy Duty Rifle Transportation Bag

Any rifle owner will also require a durable case that can safely store and transport your hunting rifles. A good example is the Heavy Duty Rifle Transportation Bag. It measures 132cm long and 30.5cm high, making it spacious enough to accommodate bigger rifles. 

Better yet, this rifle case is designed for the long haul. The exterior constitutes a super tough rip-stop canvas material, giving it the durability you’d want in a range bag. In fact, the bag’s base contains a second layer of this material to further improve its sturdiness and durability. 

Super Tough Heavy Duty Rifle Bag

Inside, the manufacturer has constructed the bag with a very soft lining on either side. This helps to prevent your gun from getting scratches or damages. There’s also a 25-mm layer of foam padding meant to absorb shock; hence ensure that your rifle retains shape in case of any accidents.

As with every other aspect of this rifle bag, the optional shoulder strap is designed with the user in mind. They’re made of heavy-duty webbing to provide the utmost breathability and comfort.

  • Soft lining for the interior keeps your firearm from getting scratches
  • Heavy-duty canvas exterior enhances longevity
  • Carry straps made of webbing to improve comfort
  • Comes with an Australian warranty valid for 12 months


  • 132 cm L x 30.5 cm H x 6.3 cm Thick (52" L x 12" H x 2.5"D)


  • Heavy-duty rip-stop canvas
  • Foam padding

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