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Heavy Duty Wrench Organiser | Australian Made

Heavy Duty Wrench Organiser | Australian Made

We all like to keep our spanners and other hand tools organised, especially if you like to bring them along on your trips. But, tool bags and boxes aren’t always practical to carry in your car. Plus, they take up way too much space.

Heavy-Duty PVC Spanner Pouch

A better alternative for travelling with tools is this Spanner Pouch designed using heavy-duty PVC material. With 16 pockets at your disposal, you’ll have plenty of space to organize a large number of tools. It can hold various items, including spanners, wrenches, knives, ratchets, pens, pliers, parts, among others. 

Hanging Spanner Roll

In addition to the pockets, the pouch also includes some brass eyelets, making for easy hanging in the workshop or garage.

The velcro wrap closure is another handy addition. It enables you to fold over the pouch, hence keep the contents securely in place. The closure also enhances the user’s safety as it ensures that any stored sharp objects don’t end up causing accidental injuries or damage to other items in your car.

If you’re big on aesthetics, you’ll be pleased to know that this Spanner Roll comes in several colours, black, orange and blue/yellow. The different colours are great for keeping your imperial spanners in one colour and your metric spanners in another colour to easily tell them apart. In addition to our popular PVC Spanner Rolls, we also offer a Canvas Spanner Roll.

  • Features 16 pockets, giving ample storage space
  • Velcro wrap closure secures your tools in place
  • Designed using heavy-duty PVC fabric for maximum durability
  • Available in different colours
  • Equipped with brass eyelets which make it easy to hang


  • 660mm Wide x 420mm High


  • Heavy Duty 680 gsm, Rip-Stop PVC

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