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How to Repair the Lining on an Adventure Kings Grand Tourer RTT

Fixing Adventure Kings Grand Tourer RTT

The Main Issue with Adventure Kings Grand Tourer RTT.

The lining on our Adenture Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent did fall down. 4wd Supa Centre called me about 2 weeks after out RTT arrived. They mentioned about this issue and said how it has been now fixed on all the ones they are sending out now. Our Adventure Kings Grand Tourer RTT was one of the first to leave their warehouse. 4wd Supa Centre did offer to send out a repair kit but it did not arrive before I needed to do the repair for a trip. So, we headed of to Bunnings and bought 4 tubes of wall and ceiling adhesive. When removing the lining We numbered the insulation panels so we could make sure each one went back in the right spot. The rest of the process is pretty simple. Cover with adhesive and stick up. We started at the lower end and worked our way to the top. 4wd Supa Centre did offer me a store credit for my expenses and our time spent doing the repair.

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Reparing King Grand Tourer RTT Roof Lining

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