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Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent Quick Review

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Review

Are you thinking of getting a Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent? Check out our quick review. 

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Are Kings Roof Top Tents any good? Here's how we decided.

After umming and ahhing whether to invest around $5k into an RTT, it just seemed too much to spend when we had never owned an RTT before. So, for us, we couldn't go past the opportunity to pre-purchase the Kings Grand Tourer RTT at a discounted price. We paid $2046 which included the Kings 160w Semi-Flexible Solar Panel and got a free 6x3m Kings Camping Mesh Flooring. For the price, It just made it too hard to go past for our first Hard Shell Roof Top Tent.

Adventure Kings Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Quality

Hi Guys, thought we would do a bit of an update regarding our Grand Tourer Rooftop Tent and what we've experienced after a bit more use.

Adventure Kings Grand Tourer RTT Repairs

Within a short period, we had the insulation in the ceiling collapsed down. This was not a big issue for us as all we need to do was stick it back up. To clean all the old adhesive off and reinstall the lining in the rooftop tent took about 1.5-2 hours. We used solvent-free Sikaflex® Pro+ from Bunnings. 4wd Supacentre gave us a store credit that well and truly covered us for our outlay for materials and our time. You can check out the whole process here in this short video.

Issues with Kings Grand Tourer RTT

After a few more trips and some of them in rainy weather we started noticing a lot of dampness under our mattress and mould beginning to grow on the canvas at the front of the rooftop tent, I thought I would give 4wd Supacenter a call. The issue seemed to be water penetrating the front seal while driving. Once again, they were only too happy to help. They asked for me to send a few pics through to them. I did get a response back from them within three days! They said if I can take my RTT down to them in Brisbane and swap it over for the new and improved Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MkII Aluminium Rooftop Tent.

Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MkII Aluminium Rooftop Tent Review

We have now have had the new model rooftop tent for about six weeks. The recent addition of an extra rubber along the front has started to fall off. I am assuming the right adhesive backing to the rubber has not been used. I will be adding further updates we find out any more issues.

Roof Top Tent Internal Storage Ideas

We use our Australian Made Canvas Dashboard Organisers as Rooftop Tent Internal Storage Pockets. We take these straight from the car to the rooftop tent, no need to gather stuff and transfer it all into a separate storage pocket in our RTT. It holds phones and iPads easily with the strong velcro backing and the D-Rings, are perfect for putting your keys on. The Car Dashboard Organiser is perfect for keeping your essentials up off the bed. 

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