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16pc Tool Roll Pouch | Fits Ratchet Spanners

16pc Tool Roll Pouch | Fits Ratchet Spanners

If you’re looking for a wrench organiser that’s midway between the large-sized options and the tiny wrench rolls, this Medium Tool Pouch is your best bet.

It has 16 pockets, which is a decent offering for such a compact storage unit. And it’s not overly big, enabling you to fit it in bigger tool storage bags or boxes if you wanted to do so. 

Made using heavy-duty 14oz/475 gsm ripstop canvas, the pouch is designed to stand up to the harshest settings; be it a construction jobsite, or a workshop. 

Our Medium Tool Pouch also comes with a 50-mm thick velcro closure, which offers a couple of benefits. For one, it adds a stylish look to the pouch. Two, it makes it easy to access your tools, and finally, it helps to keep everything secure. 

The brass eyelets are a welcome addition to this Spanner Roll. They make it easy to hang, in case you want to mount it somewhere for easy accessibility. 

  • Comes in a medium size, which makes it suitable for travel
  • Includes 16 pockets, offering ample storage space
  • Velcro strap prevents the wrenches from jostling around during transit
  • Rip-stop canvas provides maximum durability

    *Spanners not included.


    • 660mm by 420mm


    • Heavy-duty 14oz/475 gsm ripstop canvas

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