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Rear Drawer Storage Bag Bundle | Car Boot Organisers

Rear Drawer Storage Bag Bundle | Car Boot Organisers

Clear Top Car Boot Organisers

When you open up the boot of your car, what’s the first thing you’re drawn to? For some, the first thing they see is how neatly organised the interior is. But, if you’re a mum like me, who is always travelling with her kids, your car’s boot space is probably an avalanche full of sports gear, toys, snacks, and anything else that your little ones like to bring along. 

Rear Drawer Storage Bag Drawer 3 Pack

Here’s the thing though, your car doesn’t have to be messy and unorganised. You can keep it sparkling clean and tidy with the help of this handy Rear Drawer Storage Bag Bundle. It consists of one large storage bag and two smaller sized storage bags.  The Clear Top Drawer Bags makes it super easy to see what is stored in each bag. No need to open each one to try and find what you need.

With these, you’ll have ample space to keep all your gear organised. You can keep your children’s items in one bag and the car’s accessories in another. All three storage bags are fitted with translucent lids, making it easy to see the contents inside.  These unzip to allow easy accesses from the top.


You will be surprised how much you can fit in these 3 bags. Check out the awesome price we have on our bundle deal.



Australian Made Rear Drawer Storage Bags

  • Manufactured in Australia

  • Includes three storage bags: one big one and two small ones

  • Available in either black or grey colour

  • Heavy-duty handles on either end for easy portability

  • See-through lids for easy identification of stored items

  • Zippered closure to keep contents secure


Rear Drawer Storage Bag Bundle Dimensions

Large: 435 mm L * 400 mm W * 170 mm D

Small: 435 mm L * 200 mm W * 170 mm D


Material: 14oz/475 GSM Ripstop Canvas and Clear PVC

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