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Rip-Stop Canvas Reinforced Rifle Bag

Rip-Stop Canvas Reinforced Rifle Bag

There are a few things that you should expect from a rifle case, like good functionality, security and protection against the weather elements. This is exactly what you’ll get from the Rip-Stop Canvas Reinforced Rifle Bag.

The 122cm by 25.4cm rifle bag is constructed from 475 gsm rip-stop canvas, giving it maximum durability. The interior is designed using high-density foam to protect your firearm from damage and impact. 

Anyone that sneakily tries to access your bag’s contents will have difficulty as it’s equipped with lockable twin zips for maximum security. Not only are the lockable zips security for your gun, but it's also a safety feature to keep your gun out of the hands of people who don't know how to handle it.

Although the rifle case isn’t too bulky, you do get a zipped pocket on the side. This is great for keeping any cleaning equipment or accessories you’ll need alongside your gun. 

Canvas Reinforced Rifle Bag With Carry Straps

For easy portability, it’s also fitted with carry straps. These are made of heavy-duty webbing, improving comfort and longevity. The bag features two 50mm D rings if you want to add an adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort when carrying your rifle.

  • Exterior is made of rip-stop canvas 
  • Includes a second layer of the canvas on the base for further reinforcement
  • High-density foam and soft lining make up its interior 
  • Easy to carry with the carry handles
  • All pockets contain a full-length zipper for optimal security
  • Side pocket comes in handy when you need extra storage space
  • Rifle bag is breathable, water- and rot-resistant


  • 122 cm L x 25.4 cm H x 6.3 cm D (48" L x 10" H x 2.5"D)


  • Rip-stop canvas
  • High-density foam padding

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