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Small Tradesman Tool Carry Bag

Small Tradesman Tool Carry Bag

If you’re the type of person who needs to carry your tools with you wherever you go, you will appreciate this Compact Tool Bag. It’s not too big that it occupies too much space in your vehicle. But it still gives you a decent amount of practical storage space. 

Australian Made Tool Bag

It is important to note that the PVC Tool Bag’s manufacturer works hand in hand with the Australian Mining and Industrial trade services. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re putting your money into a well-designed and Sturdy Tool Bag.

Speaking about the bag’s size, the dimensions are 35 cm (W) x 12 cm (D) x 26 cm (H). It’s equipped with one large pocket and two smaller flat pockets, making it easy to store any specialty tools that you want to keep in an easy to grab location. 

Another impressive feature of this tool bag is its portability. It has a flap with a velcro closure, which helps secure the contents inside when you’re travelling. 

Secondly, it has a shoulder strap, which reduces strain on your back and makes it easy to carry the toolbag for an extended period. 

Easy to Clean Tool Carry Bag

Worried that your tool carry bag might not last? You don’t have to with this model because it’s made of heavy-duty PVC. On top of that PVC canvas, the base is reinforced with another layer consisting of heavy-duty rubber. Due to the thought out construction of this Tool Storage Bag, it's not only very durable, but the PVC material is also very easy to keep clean as you can easily wipe it down after a hard days work if you want.

  • Constructed using heavy-duty 680gsm PVC
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Compact design saves on storage space
  • It comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Includes flap with velcro closure for optimal security


  • 35 cm (W) x 12 cm (D) x 260 cm (H)
  • Also available in Large


  • Heavy-Duty PVC
  • Hard high-density polyethylene base


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