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Things to see in the Simpson Desert | Part 2

Things to see in the Simpson Desert

The Simpson Desert is one of Australia’s most iconic places to visit. It has remained relatively unchanged by our presence. Covering some 68,000 square miles – 176,500 square km. It overlaps into 3 states Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia. There are plenty of sand dunes and ridges ranging in size 70–120 feet (20–37 metres) high and 1,500 feet (450 metres) apart. Dunes in the Simpson Desert run parallel from northwest to southeast for distances up to 100 miles (160 km). With plenty of Ephemeral Salt Lakes. There are plenty of track options no matter where in Australia you are entering from. Defiantly add this trip to your bucket list. It can even be done in a standard 4wd with a good driving knowledge. When in remote ares it is always recommended to travel in a group. So here are a few of the highlights from our tip. Presented by our good Mate Heath from Expedition Alliance one of our travelling partners for this trip.

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