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Tool Rolls vs Tool Bags

Tool Rolls vs Tool Bags

What is the best? Tool Rolls vs Tool Bags

Are you trying to decide on whether to invest in Tool Rolls vs Tool Bags? It really depends on what you're going to use them for. Here we'll outline the pros and cons of a Tool Bag and Tool Wrap to help you decide which will suit your needs the best.


Universal Tool Roll VS Tool Bag


What makes a good Tool Roll?

Tool Rolls can be rolled up tightly and securely, so there is no wasted space which makes for a great space-saving solution. This makes them ideal for keeping in your car or caravan. The only downfall is that they are only going to hold a small number of Tools so if you want to keep a range of different tools in them, you're really going to need to be very selective.

Tool Roll Pros

  • Displays your Tools in an organised manner for easy tool selection
  • Feature metal eyelets to hang them up
  • Space Saving Solution
  • Ideal for spanner sets

Tool Roll Cons

  • They won't hold a large range of tools.

What to keep in a Tool Rolls.

We keep one in the car with those select tools specifically for fixing bits and pieces on the car and camping gear.  We also have two Medium Tool Rolls kept at home in two different colours. One colour for the metric Spanner Set and one for the Imperial Spanner Set. That way, you know exactly which one you're grabbing.

Universal Tool Roll

What makes a good Tool Bag?

The most obvious benefit of Tool Bags vs Tool Rolls is the fact that they can hold a lot more tools. So if your planning on taking a full tool selection, then this is your better option. This does mean that you'll end up digging through the bag trying to find the right tool though. Aussie Outback Supplies Canvas Tool Bags make their Delux Canvas Tool Bags with storage compartments, external end pockets and internal webbing tool loops to help organise your tools. Their tool bags also feature zips that are lockable to keep your gear safe.

Tool Bag Pros

  • Holds a lot more tools
  • Lockable
  • Internal pockets and webbing tool loops

Tool Bag Cons

  • You have to dig around to find your tool
  • Takes up more room

Hopefully this makes your choice easier as it really does just depend on what your intentions are. To see the full range Aussie Outback Supplies Tool Rolls and Tool Bags, click on the below link. They are all Australian made and tested to hold up to the tough Australian conditions.


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