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Top 4 Dash Organisers

Top 4 Dash Organisers

For this comparison, we just stuck to the more compact style of dash organisers. We mainly focused on functionality, ease of use and durability. There are some great options here for a reasonable amount of coin.  Have a read and feel free to add your comments.

#1.  AOS Canvas Dashboard Organiser

Being made from 14oz heavy duty canvas makes the AOS heavy-duty canvas organiser one of the strongest. The 2 large D-rings on the front are great for attaching your garage door or gate openers which keeps them ready to use. We actually use ours in the boat a fair bit as well. Simply remove off the dash of the car and transfer it straight into the boat. We mount it vertically when it is in the boat. The 50mm wide Velcro on all 4 sides holds it secure, even in rough seas. When mounted vertically the 2 D-rings double as hooks to hang it from. Overall features and usability are why we think it well and truly deserves to be #1. It is also the only one so far that displays the Made in Australia Logo.

Key Features

  • Size: Length 36.5cm x Width 20cm x Depth 8cm.
  • Pros: 2 D-Rings for garage doors or gates
  • Cons:
  • Need to know: It is made in Australia

Grey Aussie Outback Supplies Dash Organiser

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#2.  MSA 4x4 Dash Organiser

The MSA 4X4 Dash Organiser is a great option. It does have 4 smaller pockets and one large pocket for maps. The fact you can shape the front of the case using the internal aluminium strip is something I never really found the need to do. So, nice feature but I am unsure when I will have the need to use it.  The price is definitely one of the highest and it is NOT made in Australia.

Key Features:

  • Size: Length 41cm x Width 20cm x Depth 6cm.
  • Pros: It has an internal aluminium strip which allows you to mould the front shape of the organiser to suit your needs.
  • Cons: It is very narrow at the back edge, therefore making it hard to fit some items all the way in.
  • Need to know: It is not made in Australia.


Dash Organiser – MSA 4X4 Accessories


#3. Underkover Canvas Dash Organiser

The full-length front zip the Underkover Canvas Dash Organiser is a great feature. I do have to say, I find my self leaving this open pretty well all of the time. I am sure if we got into the rough stuff we would zip it shut. Great quality and it is not only made in Australia the canvas and the biding is also made in Australia. I did find the 2 internal pockets were not enough and did let thing move around a little too much.

Key Features

  • Size: Length 33cm x Width 25cm x Depth 6cm.
  • Pros: The heavy-duty zipper is great if you do want to zip it shut.
  • Cons: Only 2 smaller internal pockets and 1 larger one.
  • Need to know: It is made in Australia

Canvas Dash Organiser Bag

#4. Drifta Dash Organiser Bag

The Drifta Dash Organiser is just a bag, as it is named. Without the internal pockets, does mean items can get lost inside. Whilst driving it is not the easiest dash organiser to find things in. We found you do have to dig a little deep to find them. The bag itself is a well-made bag and quite simple if that is what you are looking for. It is made in Australia and is of good quality.

Key Features

  • Size: Length 32cm x Width 16cm x Depth 6cm.
  • Pros: The heavy-duty zipper is great if you do want to zip it shut.
  • Cons: It has only one large pocket.
  • Need to know: It is pretty basic.


Keep your eyes out as we are hoping to do a review of some of the larger style dashboard storage systems offered, like the Bush Company Large Dashboard Organiser and Quick Pitch Large Dash Organiser.

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