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Ultralight Water Resistant Dry Bag

Ultralight Water Resistant Dry Bag

Do you love to go kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, or rafting? Or, do you prefer inland adventures like exploring forests and deserts? Whatever your preferred excursion is, this Ultralight Water Resistant Dry Bag will make an excellent addition to your arsenal of travelling gear. 

The Dry Sack Sports a minimalist but durable design, which keeps your valuables secure- with a couple of extra features- all at an unbeatable price.

Water Resistant Dry Bag

It comes in the colour black and a capacity of 2.5L. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot of volume, it’s enough to hold delicate electronics like your mobile phone, wallet, car keys and a few other everyday items. 

The Small Dry Bag is constructed from 500D PVC material, making it extremely durable and water resistant. 

Dry Bag With Strong Clip

Dry Bag With Strong Clip

The large compartment is equipped with a roll-down closure, creating a watertight seal. This makes it suitable for protecting your gear when you’re on the water or when you go for wet-weather trips.

Best of all, the dry bag has a clear window with an internal pocket tailored for cell phones. This makes it possible to operate your phone while keeping it completely dry. 

Dry Bag With Phone Pocket

Dry Bag With Phone Pocket

  • 500D PVC material enhances its durability
  • Roll-down closure keeps your valuables secure
  • Clear window lets you operate your cellphone when it’s in the internal pocket
  • 2.5L capacity enough for a phone and other everyday items
  • Minimalist and compact design saves on storage space
  • Versatile enough to be used in an array of conditions


  • Capacity of 2.5L


  • 500D PVC


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