Why Use Reusable Travel Cups

Save our world one cup at a time. Simply by stopping the use of single-use items you can make a difference. It is not always about buying something that can be used once and recycled, it is about buying something that can last you a life time.

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A lot of people like to start their day with a steaming and strong cup of coffee.  Here when we say “a lot”, we really mean it. As per statistics, the global coffee industry earns an estimated $60 billion annually.

What makes coffee mugs attractive gifting option?

  • Coffee is a beverage that people drink across the globe. This is served in coffee mugs.
  • It is an affordable promotional item.
  • It is preferred by people of almost all age and gender. A lot of kids are also fond of cold-coffee flavoured drinks.
  • You can experiment a lot with coffee and the coffee mugs. Cold coffee with a scoop of ice cream is just one example. The cafes across the world are loaded with thousands of coffee varieties served in interesting ways.
  • You can drink coffee around the year. This means there is round the year opportunity to market your brand and logo if you get that printed on a coffee mug.

What type of coffee mugs can you use

  1. Melamine cups: Sturdy, easy to wash and maintain these cups are available in a variety of colours and sizes on promotional products sellers’ website. They are unbreakable and hence very easy to manage if you are having multiple trade shows across the country.
  2. Stainless steel mugs: For those who are a big health-conscious we would recommend the wonderful and everlasting stainless steel coffee mugs. They are very easy to maintain and are long-lasting. They prevent heat loss and helps in maintaining the temperature of the beverage longer. Also, they are spill-proof.
  3. Glass mugs: Glass mugs look classy and very attractive. They enable you to see the coffee left in the mug due to the transparent material. They do get easily chipped or may break if not handled with care. Prefer a glass mug with a handle so that it is easier to hold your steaming cup of coffee in your hands.
  4. Vacuum insulated mugs: If you like your coffee on-the-go then these vacuum insulated mugs are the right choice for you. It holds the temperature of the beverage for a long time. So you can sip coffee while you are in transit to your destination.
  5. Ceramic mugs: If you are someone who does not want to worry about breaking a coffee cup and like to handle your mugs with not too much care then go for ceramic coffee mugs. They are extremely durable. They come in various designs and colours to suit your personality.
  6. Stoneware mugs: Stoneware glass have a wonderful appearance. They are glazed to look like they are made by hands. These mugs are resistant to high temperature and can easily hold your steaming cup of coffee in style.