Bog Out Recovery System Options

Bog Out Recovery System Options. The ‘BOGOUT’ standard model is designed to fit all common 4wd tyre sizes, small tractor and most cars. Tread patterns from 165 mm (6 ½”) to 315 mm (12 ½”), and wheel diameters of 13” and larger are accommodated.

BOG OUT Double Wheel Recovery + 2 Braided Ropes + 4 Soft Shackles is For the more serious ‘off roader’. The award winning BOG OUT twin pack will suit better because this model. It allows users to turn either both front or both rear wheels into winches. This gives the vehicle a massive haul potential of around 7 tonnes!

BOG OUT Double Wheel Recoverysecond image

BOG OUT Double Wheel Recovery

$318.00 $279.00

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  BOG OUT Double Wheel Recovery is simple and easy to use. Bog Out is the most versatile recovery system. ...