79 Series Dual Cab Bundle


Own a 79 Series Dual Cab? Or know someone who does? Well this bundle is for you and best of all you will save $$$!

  1. Our Kick Start Mug is is not only good for that morning heart starting coffee. At 260ml, it is also the perfect size for your favourite cold beverage. Kick Start Mug is double walled stainless steel and will keep you drink at the perfect temperature.
  2. Our Enamel Camp Cup is still one of the most handy cups you can take with you. Perfect for that warm soup on a cold camp night and it doubles as a hand warmer. Outback Offgrids camp cup is a must have for any overland traveller.
  3. Outback Offgrid Stubbie Cooler is made from 5 mm neoprene and keeps your drink well insulated. Our Outback Offgrid Stubbie Coolers are printed with a sublimation print. This means the print can not come off and they are fine to throw in the wash when they need a freshen up.
  4. Outback Offgrid Windscreen Stickers are 800mm long by 82mm high. We made it this size as it should allow you to put it in a lot more place. We have seen them on the bottom of doors, tops of the windscreens and sides and back of canopies. Measure up your vehicle to see where you can fit one.

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